• RUBY ROSE - Natural Deodorant
  • RUBY ROSE - Natural Deodorant

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RUBY ROSE - Natural Deodorant



The skin is the largest organ in our body absorbing products into the bloodstream in 26 seconds so you want to make sure what you are putting on your skin is good enough to eat. 

Our Deodorant Balm is handmade in small batches & free from toxins, aluminium, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, talc’s, mineral oils or anything nasty & you can be sure its jam packed full of love! All of the ingredients are carefully selected & serve a purpose so there’s nothing extra in our balm that you don’t need.
Our Balm is designed to help neutralise odours so will still allow you to naturally perspire - we need to sweat, it allows our body to exhale what does not serve it.

Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate), used as an odour neutraliser, free from Aluminium or Aluminium based additives & Australian made. Organic Tapioca Flour aids to absorb moisture & adds a nice silky smooth feel on application. Organic Coconut oil is a divine moisturiser, naturally antibacterial & soothing for that delicate underarm area. Australian Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) is a powerful antiseptic with wonderful healing properties that helps bacteria at bay. Australian Organic Beeswax from the happy bees of Byron bay keeps your balm firm for using on the go & soothes the skin. Essential oils add a delicious scent to not only neutralise but uplift the spirit.

Due to the nature of Coconut oil, the balm will solidify in cooler climates & winter (below 25C) & it is best applied when soft to avoid rubbing & irritation. 
Take a pea size amount, warm in hands & gently apply to dry skin. 
It will form a silky paste that dry’s & disappears on application.

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