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Benefits for you 

Helps Relieve Depression - By improving the circulation of the blood, Bergamot Essential Oil generate a feeling of freshness, joy, and energy in case of sadness and depression.

Natural Perfume and Deodorant - Bergamot has a very sweet smell, which makes it an ideal deodorant or perfume for daily use. It is used in aromatherapies as it has a refreshing aroma along with disinfectant properties, which inhibit the growth of germs causing body odour.

Natural Facial Cleanser- Bergamot Oil helps to remove any dirt and impurities because of the antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. As well as this, the oil is able to unclog pores making it ideal for over oily skin. 

Nourishes Skin - Bergamot oil reduces acne scars and skin blemishes. It is a safe and a quick way to remove acne marks without affecting your delicate skin, which is also helpful if you have the pigmented skin. 

Hair Care- The antibiotic and antifungal properties in bergamot essential oil make it excellent for hair care by reducing itching and scalp infections. It is particularly useful for controlling dandruff complicated by secondary infections.

Hormonal Imbalance- Regular use of bergamot oil reduces hormonal problems in women mainly associated with menopause and menstruation. 

Oral Care- Bergamot oil is an ideal product to prevent the mouth from bad breath. It impedes bacterial growth in the mouth and provides freshness. You can mix 2-3 drops of bergamot oil in your toothpaste, or you can dilute a small quantity of bergamot oil in warm water and gargle. It also prevents cavities and reduces tooth pain.

Quantity- 15ml

The above information is for general purpose only. Individual results may vary.

Warning: Phototoxic. Do not use if the area of application will be exposed to sunlight for 24 hours due to its phototoxicity.


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